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Elysium Loop 350W 10Ah

Cyclotricity eBikes

Elysium Loop 350W 10Ah


Regular Price: $999.99

Special Price $899.99

A rare find and one of the most competitive eBikes on the market!

eBike Factory has worked day and night to bring you a fully folding & lightweight bike# All of this at a most competitive price!

The Elysium Loop is a real game-changer. Our partnership with Cyclotricity, one of the UK's most notable manufacturers, has allowed us to bring the price down to $999.99, with a special launch offer of $699.99!

At less than 17 Kg, the Elysium Loop is very light and neat to fold, but also practical, as you can wheel it around while folded. Features include:

  • Speedometer dashboard;
  • Pannier rack;
  • Front and rear mudguards;

These additions are not standard for most folding bikes, so it really is an e-Bike that covers all bases.

This eBike is an ideal commuter not only for those living in the big cities but also an add-on to any motorhome or longboat. The ability to be neatly tucked away in tight spaces means there is no compromise between space and a high-performance electric bicycle.

The 20-inch wheels make it low enough to conveniently step over, making it the perfect eBike for men and women. Don't wait and purchase now!

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