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Stealth 18" 750W 16Ah

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Stealth 18" 750W 16Ah

Estimated Delivery : July 1, 2019
(Arriving soon to the USA)


Regular Price: $1,399.00

Special Price $1,199.00

750W of power

If you are looking for more power than the average electric bike the Stealth 750W is one of rare choices to consider. Our unique dual power system integrated in this e-bike allows the user to swap between two modes depending on whether you are on-road looking for distance or off-road looking for fun.

This bike has been developed in conjunction with our sponcered mobility rider Duncan Booth  offering maximum assitance to the riders that just dont let a disablity get in they way of a good time. Duncan in his own word  call this bike " his funky electric wheelchair!", suffering from MS (multiple sclerosis) since his diagnosis he has used electric bikes as his main form of mobility. The stealth is the out come of his journey.

The Stealth 750W is made for you who primarily intend on using the bike on-road, but looking to add the extra power for some occasional off-road riding.

Height (Inch)Height (cm)Frame Size
5' 5" + 165+ 18"
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