Quality Built eBikes for the USA

Our bikes are built specifically for the US market


Our bikes are built specifically for the US market - our motors conform to the US legal reqirements, so you can feel safe and secure while enjoying your ride.

 We strive to be more efficient in manufacturing highly technical products. The more technical and intricate the product is, the more efficient we tend to be at controlling its build process, which eventually translates into a reduced price tag compared to an outsourced manufacturing that’s only remotely managed.

We are now superseding the quality of most electric bicycles at competitive price.

Design and
Research &

All CycloTricity e-bikes are designed and modelled in-house. We are passionate about the quality and look of our products. Our philosophy is that our e-bikes always embody the essence of cycling. We design our bikes to ensure the ride provides the same sense of freedom when riding a bike for the first time. .



The CycloTricity engineering process revolves around the question of durability and how to extend the lifespan of the components used. Our engineering and procurement departments work closely together to get this key point right. As these materials and components move along the factory stations, they go through a series of tests both individually and as part of the final assembly.

Although much of our work makes use of standard bike components, there are a lot of other components that we manufacture from scratch by ourselves making use of laser cut and CNC machined parts. These tend to be the elements of the bike that directly impact quality/durability and is usually carried out with the help of British engineering firms.

We are of course also reliant on readily made parts such as Samsung cells and motor windings, but even then the assembly of the final component is handmade and supervised by us before it reaches a state that is ready to for the assembly line.

It is engineering that bridges the gap between design and assembly, and it is here we get to watch our Eureka moments come to life!



As part of our commitment to attention to detail, we blast a lot of our alloy metals prior to painting for an added glance and visibly high quality finish.



Once all the individual components are tested and ready for the build, they are lined up on the assembly line. This stage is strictly all done at our own premises with no outsourcing taking place. The reason for us to insist on doing this part entirely by ourselves is to gain full visibility into how the different components come together and form the end product. This gives us a chance to test the bike as a whole and implement a filtering process that captures any imperfections before the bike reaches our customer.



Besides conducting R&D in-house, we also undertake almost all the testing ourselves, with only the finished products being tested externally in independent testing. Every bike that leaves our assembly line is given a final and intensive inspection by one of our expert head mechanics, ensuring the quality level is worthy of our highly respected customers.

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