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Elysium Relay E Mtb

Our most popular range offers you the highest specification at a price unmatched in the market. Elysium Relays are built with a light-weight frame and 6-speed Shimano gears.

With 3-levels of electric power, you can tackle challenging hilly terrain at a speed of 15.5 Mph. Experience an exhilarating ride on our robust styled electric Mountain Bike.

Packed With Features

Every mountain bike comes with multiple features to give you a comfortable ride.

The light-weight frame ensures that the bike is not too heavy when pedaling uphill. The superior suspension on the other hand, gives you a smooth ride. You can choose the gears to suit the speed, and alloy brakes give you better control.

Choose the Battery Capacity You Need

There are two models to choose from in the range, the difference being the battery capacity. If you go for a higher capacity battery you will be able to cover longer distances in a single charge (this does depend on the terrain you are covering). With our Relay range, you can put your worries of the battery getting drained quickly to rest, and enjoy a whole new range of adventures!

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