Elysium eBikes

Aura 18" 350W 7Ah - Blue



Vintage Style!

For a daily commute or just to enjoy a ride at the weekend, eBike in style with the Elysium Aura. Built in a timeless vintage European style with the latest electric components form CycloTricity.  With easy step-over height and wider tires for stability at an affordable price. The most efficient and stylish way to get around.

The Aura has been engineered with top in-house expertise in the UK. The motors are all individually hand-made to ensure top performance and durability. Choosing our e-bikes means you will benefit from the following:    

  • Reliable 350W brushless motors

  • Advanced Lithium-ion Battery technology

  • One of the most stylish e Bikes on the market

  • With a simple plug and play connection's
  • The best value on the Web

  • Throttle fitted for ease of use
  • Provides a maximum assisted speed of no more than 15.5 mph

Height (Inch)Height (cm)Frame Size
5' 5" - 5' 10" 165 - 178 18" 
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