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Revolver Hybrid 14Ah

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Revolver Hybrid 14Ah


Regular Price: $1,249.00

Special Price $949.00

Going the distance!

In addition to the insane value of the 9Ah Revolver the powerfull 16Ah model add up to and extra 20 miles of distance! 

This electric bike has been specifically built for you who grind your teeth every time you look at the price tags of other e-bikes on the market. Despite the low cost of Revolver Hybrid, the quality and attention to detail has never been compromised. In fact, all electronic components used in this electric bike are exactly the same high quality components used in all CycloTricity products and completely designed for the USA. And undeniably the only non Cyclotrcity built  e-bike on the market in this price category featuring:

  • Speedometer dashboard
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Pannier rack,
  • Mudguards
  • Front and rear LED lights as part of the package.

All of which can cost upwards of £100 after market!

The Revolver Hybrid is really and truly the complete bike for on-road cycling.

Height (Inch)Height (cm)Frame Size
5' 4" + 165 + 18" 
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