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Them and us

 "You don't pay road tax".  

Often hurled at non motored road users, and with the increase of ebike sales this will soon extend to them as well.

Road tax ( for the repair of public roads ) was abolished in 1937. It was replaced with Vehicle Excise Duty which is more akin to a tax on emissions. This is why electric cars, some small engine cars, horse owners and cyclists are exempt. The money collected for the upkeep of the road network in the UK is now taken from general taxes paid by everyone, regardless of if they use the roads or not. If anybody should be annoyed it should be those that walk everywhere, and are seen by car drivers as a hindrance by using pedestrian crossings.

"You shouldn't ride two abreast"

It's perfectly legal. You can ride two abreast UNLESS  on narrow or busy roads  or round  bends. Never ride more than two abreast. To be courteous I would suggest if riding in a group of more than five people to separate into two groups. It makes it easier for other road users to pass.

"Get off the road"

Go where? If under 10 years of age it's OK to ride on a pavement. If it's a shared path or cycle lane it's OK to ride on a pavement. Otherwise if caught riding on a pavement there is a fine of £30. Cycling too fast and injuring someone could result in a 2 year prison sentence. Careless cycling could result in a fine of £2,500. Regardless of legalities, striking a pedestrian means hurting yourself and possibly damaging the bike.

"Get some lights"

The only legal requirement for cycling on the road is the use of front & rear lights. Not applicable during the day ( but in poor visibility it is advised), lights must be used between sunset and sunrise. Any lights will do, but the brighter the better.

"They all run red lights"

Some cyclists do. Same as some car drivers do. It is illegal for both road users to run the lights. The difference is if a cyclist does it they are liable to get hurt, and possibly hospitalise themselves. If a car driver does it they are liable to hurt, hospitalise or kill a pedestrian.

"The cyclist died after colliding with the car"

Often heard on the news. Cyclists tend not to collide with bigger, faster and heavier vehicles ( it never ends well ). To collide means to run into, hit or strike. I might collide with a tree but the tree isn't going to run into me.

"You should be using the cycle path"

It is advisable to use them, but sometimes it's safer not to eg. If the cycle lane is used by car drivers for dropping off the kids at school or parking closer to the shops.  Sometimes the lane is badly placed or ends prematurely.

"You should have a helmet on"

Personal choice. It isn't currently a legal requirement. It won't prevent other road uses from texting, driving under the influence or speeding, but it might save your life if they collide with you.

"You're not allowed to ride in the middle of the lane"

It's the safest place to be if passing parked cars where doors can be opened. It stops cars overtaking on narrow roads and squeezing past on blind corners. Often the condition of the road near the kerb forces the rider to swerve into traffic. However all road users should try to let faster moving vehicles past where safe to do so.

We all have to navigate the potholes, roadworks and congestion. The more people that cycle to work means shorter queues of traffic, more parking spaces, fewer potholes caused by heavy vehicles and less pollution. Encouraging the use of bikes is better for all road users. 

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Client Testimonials

Hi Raj.
I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and help.
My dad who is 72 bought himself and his wife a kit each a couple of years back and he says it is the best thing he has ever done.  He stops and tells anyone who will listen that buying the bike has changed his life. He already had a bike but found it such a struggle to do anything other than ride around the streets so he didn’t really bother. He heard about electric bikes and went on a mission to find the best. He settled on Cyclotricity.  He started off cycling a short distance and then using his throttle to keep him going whilst he had a little rest.  Soon his fitness improved and now he goes out for miles and uses the throttle less but loves having the freedom to take on long distances. 
Best wishes
Dear Ben
I would just like to Thank you for the fantastic service that I received from your company. As you know I had an issue with my digital meter, I had a phone call from Ben at Cyclotricity the same day and this morning a new replacement had arrived.
This is fantastic service, I am so pleased that I purchased my bike through Cyclotricity. I will log onto your website and write a customer review and I am thinking in the summertime I may even purchase a electric bike for my wife, if and when I do I will certainly buy it through Cyclotricity.
Keep up the good work, I wish you all the success in 2017.
Normally people write in to complain but I feel that it's nice to tell people that they are doing things right.
Kind Regards
Christopher Mundy
Good evening guy's
What can I say ...
The service I have received from you both has made me feel sure that I have made the right decision in choosing your product and company to spend my hard earned money with, thank you both .. it really is very much appreciated . 
I have attached my signed De-restriction/ Throttle terms of use form to obtain the relevant information required.
I am looking forward to taking delivery of my new baby in the near future
Many thanks again guy's 
Kind Regards
Hi Raj,
I just want to thank you for all your support through this build. You were/ are a great help!! Thanks for getting the technical team involved where necessary!
I feel like I should hire a model to stand next to the bike, to be able to send you a very nice photo!! As it is I will be wise and you will appreciate it if the photo is only of the bike and doesn't have me anywhere near!!
Have a good day!
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