Experiencing something new and exciting is always fun! Cycling has always been considered as one of the best ways to keep you fit and healthy. People love to explore cities and new places through cycling, as well as commuting to work. Now the humble bicycle is not a passive mode of transport- you can give real pedal power to your bicycle through an electric assist bike conversion kit. There are several electric bike wheel kits available online. You can find something to fit your needs and after a fairly simple installation, enjoy riding like a pro and enjoy getting out there!

If you are  ‘bike curious’  then you need a guide to understand the exact requirement of an electric bike conversion kit - it’s really not that hard. In this post, we will get some insight into the different types of e-bike conversion kits.

Electric Bike Wheel Kit: 

Popular manufacturers of electric bikes can offer you front-wheel kits that have the potential to convert your mechanical bike to a super speedy and electric bike. These features allow the user to swap in between two modes to give you an on-road and off-road biking experience. This will allow you to enjoy a tailored ride based on the conditions of the route you are on. Let’s have a look at a few features of this electric bike wheel kit:

  • The kit consists of a 500W or 100W gearless, brushless rear hub motor and is available in the wheel size of your choice from 26inch, 700c, 28inch or 29ers.
  • The system helps maintain your biking speed limit up to 250W by default as a legal road kit.
  • Thumb type and gradual lever throttle experience- the further it is pressed, the more power is provided.
  • Other essential specifications consist of 35A current, motor cables, and system cables.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit with Extraordinary Power Assistance: 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience an effortless ride over the hills without putting in a huge effort, huffing and puffing and getting more tired and sweaty? Now after investing a little extra amount, you can convert your ordinary bicycle into a powerful ebike. Purchasing a unique electric assist conversion kit with power assistance will allow you to experience a new dimension of cycling. Let’s have a look at the specifications provided with some electric bike conversion kits:

  • Kit consists of 250W gear brushless front hub or 500W,1000W direct drive motor offered with the wheel size of the individual choice.
  • Available wheel sizes are 20inch, 24inch, 26inch, 700c, 28inch, or 29er.
  • Wheel material contains double-walled alloy rim with reinforced spokes to withstand extra pressure.
  • Uniquely designed thumb type throttle of a gradual lever- the further it is pressed, the more power is provided.

Important Points to note prior to Installing an Electric bike Conversion Kit: 

If you have a mechanical background, you will find it easier to understand the structure and install the essential parts of an electric bike conversion kit appropriately. If not, you may need to speak to the manufacturer or look for online guides.

  • Specific tools will be required but this will vary per conversion as this will be partly specific to your donor bike. Wrenches, pliers, air pumps, screwdrivers are the most likely tools needed for the installation. Again, if not readily available, you may need additional help.
  • If you are experienced in electric bike conversion, you may still require a minimum of an hour to install the various tools. It is highly recommended that you use a bike stand to ensure that you are working comfortably. Bike stands will also help to reduce the strain associated with the entire process and long-term maintenance of the bike. 

 Many people will choose not to do their own ebike conversion and purchase a pre-assembled electric bicycle. You can order the Electric Bike with required specification- the cost will be higher obviously but will come with the benefit of much less work to get you on the road and a new bike to boot!

Electric bike conversion kits make it possible for many who want to experience an electric bike ride irrespective of using on-road or off-road. Installing the conversion kit is not a difficult task as mentioned above, but it will require passion and determination to convert your ordinary bike to a powerful electric one. After following the manual provided with the kit, you should be able to complete a successful conversion to an electric bike.  You will never look back, and discover the freedom and joy electric bikes can bring- so go for it- enjoy the ride!

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