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  1. Sahara 7AH
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  2. Revolver Hybrid 19Ah
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  3. Revolver Hybrid 9Ah
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  4. Revolver Hybrid 14Ah
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  5. Sahara 11AH
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  6. Sahara 17AH
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  7. Wallet folding e-bike
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  8. Jade 20" 250w  11Ah 3s nexus -White
  9. Jade 20" 250w 3s nexus -Baby Blue
  10. Jade 20" 250w 3s nexus - Green

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How comfortable are the eBikes in this section?

The adjustable stem, suspension forks, soft but sturdy saddles and the gripped handlebars give Cyclotricity eBikes a smooth ride.

What is the difference between a standard eBike and a ladies eBike?

Ladies bikes have a step through frame making it easier to get in the saddle. This differs from a standard frame design which some people have difficulty getting their leg over.

What is the cost of running an eBike?

Typically an average petrol car will cost 26 pence per mile just on petrol. Whereas an average electric push bike can travel a mile for less than 1 pence. After factoring in MOT's, insurance, road tax, maintenance, parking charges and air fresheners it works out quite a bit cheaper even if the bike is serviced 3 times a year. Thanks to improvements in technology ebikes can now be alternatives to a car as your mode of transport, and thanks to powerful batteries you can now complete your ride on a single charge.

Do you have to pedal e-Bikes constantly to make them work?

With our eBikes, you cycle as normal, but utilising the different output modes available, you can choose your level of assistance as you pedal. With a pedal assist system as long as the pedals are turned at 3 mph the motor will engage. If a throttle is used ( off road only ) no pedalling is necessary.

What is the lifespan of a battery ?

Depending on the length of your journeys- we would estimate up to 1000 full charge cycles if properly maintained. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Can I use my eBike to carry goods?

Yes you can, our hybrid bikes have a pannier rack to carry light loads and small bags without making a difference to your ride.

What are the aesthetic differences with an eBike?

At first glance, Cyclotricity models look like any other bikes. A closer look though will reveal a couple of key differences. A battery pack and a motor. The slim battery enclosure above the rear wheel ensures that it looks discreet, and will last you up to 30 miles before it needs a recharge. It powers the motor, which in turn drives the rear wheel, giving you a push for those tough uphill sections or alternatively powering you on to a faster speed!

Can I fit a throttle to my ebike?

Yes, but this needs to be done by the owner. Using a throttle electric bike is only legal in private lands & up to 6 kmh.

How fast can I go with an ebike?

Regulation in the UK/EU restrict ebikes to 250W power and 15.5mph speed. This covers public roads and cycle paths/ shared use paths. Having said that, our ebikes can be de-restricted for higher speed & power when used off-road. CycloTricity is the only manufacturer to offer a dual mode so you can get more out of your ebike where it is safe and legal to do so.

Do I need a licence or insurance for riding an ebike?

As long as you ensure you are using the 250W on-road mode, no licence, insurance or road tax is required for riding on UK roads or cycle paths. The rider must also be over 14 years of age.

What distance can I get from a fully charged battery ?

This depends on the type of battery you select. Based on a rider weiging 75kg and cycling on smooth flat terrain with minimal stops/starts, the following guide is what you should expect from most ebike systems (please note most manufacturers exaggerate the milage, so it’s best to focus on comparing the battery spec instead of comparing the milage figure. Most experts agree that the following battery spec would roughly yield the following milage on an ebike); 36V/9Ah battery 25-30 miles, 36V/11Ah battery 30-35 miles, 36V/15Ah battery 40-45 miles. 36V/17Ah battery 45-50 miles. These will vary slightly depending on the level of assistance given by the motor and the use of a throttle.

How do I get the most out of my battery ?

When you first receive your new equipment, charge the battery for 12 hours and then use your ebike until fully discharged. Do this 3 times. Afterwards, you can charge it as and when is necessary. Usually 3-4 hours would suffice. If you intend to leave the battery inactive for a prolonged period, make sure you store it with 50% charge. Make sure you charge it for 1 hour once a month until you start using your product more frequently again. These tips will extend the life of your battery.

Where's my stuff ?

The shipping note emailed to you contains the tracking number and the name of the courier company. Delivery is next working day, unless it extends over a UK holiday. We use TNT for overseas deliveries, Tuffnells for bikes and APC for kits, parts and folding bikes.

Are ebikes heavy ?

Our bikes start at 19kg for the Wallet folding model and go up to 25kg for the Stealth mountain bike. This will vary slightly depending on the size of frame,motor and battery.

What size of bike do I need?

Unlike a child's bike which is measured by wheel size, adult bikes are measured by frame size. 20" bikes fit people 5'10 to 6' 2". 19" bikes fit people 5' 9" to 5' 11". 18" bikes fit people 5' 8" to 5' 10". 17" bikes fit people 5' 7" to 5' 9". 16" bikes fit people 5' 5" to 5' 7". Folding bikes fit people from 5' 1" to 6' 1". This guide is accurate for the majority of people but there are exceptions depending on riding style.

Can I use the bike in the rain ?

Yes, if fitted correctly the system is water resistant. It can be used in rain showers but not submerged. As with any bike the use of power washers for cleaning is NOT advised. It will remove grease from areas that need to be kept lubricated. Regular cleaning and maintenance is recommended to get the most of your bicycle. As with all bikes the chain should be wiped with a clean dry cloth and lightly re oiled after use in the rain.

Can I ride the bike without the motor being on ?

Yes, the bike will ride fine without the assistance being on. Our bikes do have higher gears fitted than many non electric bikes but until riding uphill this isn't noticeable. The extra weight of the electrics will make the bike feel a little sluggish and slow to accelerate.

Can I use the bike under the influence of alcohol ?

It is an offence to operate e-bikes while impaired by alcohol (or drugs ), even if the blood alcohol level is below .08. If banned because of a DUI, you're not allowed to ride an e-bike, even though you don't need a licence to ride one.

Who can service an ebike and how often ?

As many independent bike shops now sell ebikes they also have the ability to service them. As with any bike, we advise having it serviced every 5 or 6 months if used leisurely. If used for commuting daily then every 3 or 4 months. Replacement mechanical parts eg chains, brake pads etc are standard components and can be sourced locally.

I have limited space to store a bike, how big are they ?

Our folding electric bike measures 80cm high x 100cm long x 30cm wide. This will fit most large cupboards, car rear seats and motor homes.

Is the battery removable for charging ?

All the battery types ( with the exception of the folding bikes ) are removable for recharging and to prevent theft. They come with two keys as standard which lock the battery to the accompanying bracket. Each key set is different, so it is best to separate the keys in case one is lost. Each lock barrel has a number that matches the number on the keys ( handy if you own more than one battery ).

How do I get the pedals to fit ?

The end of the pedals are marked with an L for left or an R for right. The left pedal is for the crank arm without the chainring on it. The right is for the arm with the ring. Both pedal threads should be lightly greased to assist fitting and in case of removal at a later date. The left pedal threads on anti clockwise and should go on easily by hand. If this is not the case it may be going on squint ( cross threaded ). The right pedal threads on clockwise. Once fitted both pedals should be fully tightened with a 15mm spanner. This prevents the pedals unscrewing and damaging the crank arms.

Can I change the non electric components?

Our non electric parts are bicycle industry standard size eg. 27.2mm seatpost, 25.4 handlebar clamp diameter. We are aware that bar width, stem length, saddle padding etc. are personal preference. Most local bike shops stock a range of parts to customise the bike for the owner, be it extra wide riser bars, shorter steeper stems or inline seatposts.

Can I visit the premises to see the ebikes/kits first?

As we are an online company we don't have a dedicated showroom, but you are welcome to pop in to our headquarters anytime between 10am & 4pm, Monday to Friday. If you can phone first to let us know your coming we can charge some batteries in preparation. Like most independent bike shops we accept donations of biscuits.

Can I pay for an ebike through a ride to work scheme?

We accept vouchers from Cyclescheme, Bike Plus, Halfords cycle2work and Caboodle. Your employer will be able to tell you which one they use, when it can be used and how much you can spend.

I got a puncture in the rear tyre can you send a new tube under warranty?

Tyres, inner tubes, brake pads and the gear system are classed as wear & tear items and are not covered in the warranty by any bike manufacturer. Investing in heavy duty tyres will reduce the chance of a puncture in the future. Regular maintenance of the gears will ensure smooth running and a better functionality.

How do I fit a throttle to my bike?

My ebike is 14 months old & has developed a problem. As it wasn't used for 3 months over winter is it still within warranty?

Your warranty runs for 12 months from date of delivery for the original owner only. Warranty is non transferable.

My friend has offered me the use of his 48 volt battery can I use it in place of my 36 volt one?

Like anything electrical, the system is designed to run a specific size of battery. A 48 volt battery has too much power for a 36 volt system, leading to the controller burning out and potentially damaging the rest of the electrics.

Are disc brakes better than rim brakes?

Cable actuated disc brakes are better in poor weather and will work even if the rim is buckled. The rim doesn't get worn down because the pads are impacting on a disc instead. The pads are made of a harder compound than rim brake pads and will last longer before needing replaced. The same type of cable is used in both rim and disc brake systems. Servicing or adjusting both types of brake is very simple. Hydraulic disc brakes are more effective in stopping than the cable disc brakes. Servicing a hydraulic brake can be messy and isn't quite as easy.

I can only get 3 of the 4 lights to turn green on my battery, is this normal?

This is normal..The first light is always red, even when fully charged. The red light is an indication of low power.

My de restricted 1000w wheel doesn't exceed 30mph, is it faulty?

The de restricted 1000w rear motor wheel is described has having a top speed of 25mph. As it exceeds this it is not faulty. If more speed is required a 1500w motor will do this. The wheel is designed to assist the rider but not do all the work.

How do I fit the Torque Arm?

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