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We all need a bit of help from time to time – particularly when we’re out on our bikes. An e-bike or sometimes referred to as a motorised bike or battery bike, can literally give you extra pedal power exactly when you need it, for example when going up hills, or facing head winds, or even when you simply want to maintain steady speeds wherever you go.

You may have noticed an increase of e-bike manufacturers at your recent visit to a motor home show. Electric bikes and motor homes are forming a hand-in-hand partnership, as a manufacturer we often have owners on site talking to us about their needs. Electric bikes are able to give motor home owners better access to explore their local surroundings. Camp sites are a breathe of fresh air, having an e-bike allows you to adventure further whilst spending more time riding. We often hear that our products are great for those small trips to the shops, riding in most weather conditions and tackling poor access lanes that you often find at some camp sites.

Our Wallet e-bike is a popular option amongst motor home owners. The fold function provides easy storage to keep within the vehicle. It's also lightweight – total weight just under 17kg giving it an advantage over other electric folding bikes which often are a lot heavier and fold sideways in comparison. The Wallet e-bike is not only light to lift and neat to fold, but practical enough to wheel around folded, to the point it is ideal to discretely tuck away in tight spaces!

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