A green, practical and invigorating form of transport

Research shows that many people do a Google search for an electric bicycle for disabled people. Cyclotricity produces special needs bicycles  for people with a disability or a limitation.We think of ourselves as  a manufacturer of bicycles for people who have  problems with a "standard" bicycle. We have several bicycles for people who have a problem with cycling. We produce special bicycles for people that need that extra level of assitance to get out and enjoy life!

Pedelec bike for disabled people

All our bikes are available with or without electrical power assist as a Pedelec. Every model comes equipped with electrical pedal assistance, and, if preferred with a throttle. We produce each special needs bicycle in house for our intended market with mobility at our heart. People suffeing from Parkinson’s disease,MS, the elderly or anyone that is unable to stand or walk for extended periods could benifit by adding an e-bike to their mobility acessiories. Our products are intended to allow these people to regain mobility to assist them with regular daily activities.


Ebike Efficiency

Our electric bikes offer an incredible energy-saving, alternative form of transport. For example- the same amount of energy it takes to power a 100w light bulb for an evening would be enough to power our ebike for 20-30 miles! In fuel terms, the energy efficiency of our ebike would be the equivalent of 1500-2000 miles per gallon. No car, motorcycle or moped can come close to such staggering efficiency.

Practicality over other motorized vehicles

The practicality of an ebike over other motorized vehicles isn’t only in its efficiency. In busy cities, cars average speeds of lower than 10mph during rush hour. Though mopeds and motorcycles can avoid this to a certain extent, they are restricted to roads. Not to mention all the taxes, fees and legalities that come with usual motorised vehicles

An electric bike, on the other hand, can average a higher speed than push bikes and still utilize all the usual paths and cycling lanes. In other words, electric bikes could in many instances make your daily commute faster and more convenient than any other form of transport.

Advantages over normal push bikes

While push bikes are a good way of getting exercise, the effort needed will usually limit how often they are used. Our electric bike will give you that boost of power when you need it and encourage you to take longer cycling journeys. Research in this area revealed that this contributes to more exercise in the long term, as ebikes will get you moving more often. In fact, 80% of owners use their ebike daily. Our electric bikes come with functionalities that put you in full control of how much power you are willing to exert. So whenever you feel like getting active, our ebikes can be set for the challenge!

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