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Which is better?

The Gtech brand has come a long way since launching its first product; the Cordless Sweeper vacuum back in 2002. Due to the success of their house/garden products, Gtech have established themselves in the garden power tool industry and have now ventured into the ebike market.

CycloTricity is an established ebike manufacturer. Cyclotricity formed back in 2008 and our operations have grown year-on-year to forming the only specialist e-bike factory in Britain. Their products can be found on popular online platforms including reviewed by the likes of CBS media website CNET and British daily broadsheet newspaper the Telegraph.

Gtech has invested heavily into marketing and therefore you may have already come across their TV commercials, web adverts or reviews on various online platforms. However savvy marketing doesn’t always lead to the best product. These days more and more consumers are now evaluators and will research a product prior to purchase. The majority of us now have a smart phone and can look most things instantly up on the go.

For the purposes of this page the Cyclotricity Revolver Hybrid is a comparable model, offering some enhancements in regards to specifications and also giving the consumer better value for money.

As we are the publisher for this article, we can naturally favour our product over Gtech’s. So we have complied a specification table below for your careful consideration. All information for the Gtech eBike Sport is accurate to the Gtech website.

  Gtech eBike Sport CycloTricity Revolver Hybrid
Built in: China Britain
RRP: £995 £649
Frame Type: Unisex Unisex
Frame Size: 20inch only Choice of 17inch or 20inch to fit your posture
Frame material: Aluminium Aluminium
Motor: 36V rear hub brushless 250W 36V Front hub brushless 250W
Battery: 5.6AH Li-Ion 9AH (with options of 16AH) Li-Ion
Range: "Up to 30 miles" Up to 40 miles (or up to 65miles with a 14Ah battery)
Throttle / pedal assistance: PAS only PAS with optional throttle
Suspension: Fixed forks Suspension Fork
Brakes: "Linear pull brakes" Disc brakes
Gears: Single gear 6 ­speed Shimano derailleur
PAS levels: 2 3 as standard with optional LCD 5 levels
Wheel size: 28" 28"
Tyres: 700 x 35C Sus28 x 1.75
Quoted weight: 16 KG (without accessories) 19 KG (including 3 KG Battery and 2 KG of free extras)
Warranty: 24 Months 12 month standard, optional 2 years (£100)
Mudguards: No Full length polycabonate as standard front and rear
Luggage Rack: No Yes - 25 KGs load
Lights: None LED Lights Front and Rear
Nationwide Retailer Network: No Yes
Returns Policy: 14 Day Trial 30 Day Trial
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Other considerations

  • Motor

    Both brands come equipped with a 36V geared brushless motor. Gtech has opted for a rear motor as opposed to our Revolver Hybrid which has a front-drive motor. After careful consideration, we intentionally positioned our motor at the front because, combined with pedalling, this gives stability and an all-wheel-drive experience. Traction will never be an issue either as both bikes are equipped with 250W motors. It is only when more powerful motors are used (such as our Stealth bikes) that the traction warrants a rear wheel drive position. For 250W of power though, the traction remains the same regardless of position and, therefore, a rider is better off with a front drive motor.

  • Gears

    Our Revolver Hybrid comes with a 6­-speed Shimano derailleur for easy start-up and stainless steel chain for easy maintenance. Gtech has opted for a belt drive system, with a single gear. Although this helps keep the weight of the bike down, it makes pedalling up hills significantly harder. Additionally, a belt drive system is likely to be a stumbling block for maintenance, with most cycle mechanics lacking experience and know-­how in working with these. (Hint: alignment is crucial to longevity of belt drives).

  • Controls

    Gtech provide 2 levels of pedal assistance, as well as the option to turn off the motor altogether and “go it alone”. Our Revolver Hybrid provides 3 levels of assistance as standard, an on/off setting and additionally, a start-up assist throttle to help with stationary starts. The 3 levels of assist combined with the 6sp gear option will give the user more range making hills seem flat. This give the user greater flexibility, saving more energy for either battery or rider as required.

  • Battery

    Both brands have opted for lithium-­ion batteries, which are considered to be the safest and most power-efficient currently available. The Revolver Hybrid comes with a 252Wh battery as standard (though higher capacity options are available as optional upgrades), Gtech eBike Sport comes with a 202Wh battery which is significantly less powerful than our Revolver Hybrid. The higher amp-hour on the Revolver Hybrid should give you 25% extra range by default.

    Revolver Hybrid amp-hour = 7Ah – 36V system

    Gtech Sport amp-hour = 5.6Ah – 36V system

  • Weight

    The Gtech weighs in at 16kg. This is lighter than the equivalent model in the Revovler Hybrid which comes in at 19kg. However, take the battery off, and you’re down to 16kg. Take away the removable extras – rack, mudguards and lights – that CycloTricity provide as standard, and you’re left with 14kg.

    With this in mind, it’s clear that the difference is not as stark as it first appears.

  • Support

    Gtech’s eBike Sport comes with a 2 year warranty as standard. The 1 year warranty on The Revolver Hybrid can be converted to 2 years for an additional £99 which is still better overall value.

    General feedback on CycloTricity products is great quality build in Britain, products have a great price points and the support network is very attentive (UK based). There is no doubt that Gtech will have their loyal customer base and people who are generally happy with their ebike product. Again we compile this comparison in order to provide knowledge and education around electric products.

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